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Friday 25 September 2020

INSPIRE award nomination for 2020-21 for schools

INSPIRE award nomination for 2020-21 for schools
 GCERT Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council Gandhinagar is sending a circular to all District Education and Training Bhavan on Thursday 1792020 today that online school registration and nomination for the year 2020 under Inspire Award Scheme manak. The process has started from June 1, 2019. All schools are required to complete the process of registration nomination. The procedure has also been discussed with the principal in this regard. Information is provided
                 Nominations of very few students from all over the state have been received by the State Authority till date 16920 as they have been sent to the National Authority. The plan for online nominations by all CRC inclusive schools by 30920 is to be coordinated with the DEO, DPEO, Govt. All the principals of the district have been invited from Gandhinagar
                What is the Inspire Award and why?
           The Inspire Award has been sent by the Central Government to the Primary Schools of the State Governments to nurture the interest of the bright children in science in all the primary schools of the State and to encourage them to move towards something innovative. The student's name is submitted on the portal so that the Inspire Award is not credited to his account and is used to spend on new science technology or new research i.e. the student has to come up with something new to suit his / her thinking. They can also be useful to the country. They have to generate projects and submit them on the portal. Such an incentive from the central government. Every primary school has got children interested in science. The Inspire Award also involves improving learning in schools. It is also a good thing that more and more students are attracted to experiment in various science activities and are interested in registering for the day-to-day inspired awards. It is also a good thing that students are now falling in the field of science.

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