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Friday 24 July 2020

Why should your children's admission in government schools read Article carefully

Why should your children's admission in government schools read Article carefully

Hello friends how are you all are welcome and we welcome you all to our new education blog

Friends, lockdown has been going on for a long time now and all the schools in Gujarat as well as in India are closed due to coronavirus. We all know that online education is being imparted in these schools at present.  Friends have come up with something very important for easy access

 First of all, this post is very important for the children of parents who are studying in private schools. It is worth reading and understanding. Parents, you know what is the difference between your child studying in private and government.  Be aware that your child will benefit greatly

Parents, I am happy to tell you that especially we know that government primary school teachers are very highly qualified but these teachers are not benefiting your child as they are in government primary schools but this is a new opportunity for all of us.  We should seize this opportunity very quickly because in the coming days due to lockdown our private school education will be online but due to lockdown we also have to give money to the children in school. 

We are here to tell you specially what are the great benefits of government primary school and what are the benefits to you as a parent with a beautiful understanding of the benefits of private and government primary school.  If it has been done, parents, get your children admitted in government primary school today and give all the benefits received by the Government of Gujarat as well as the Government of India to your children. 

Government Government Primary Schools are available in both the mediums but we are unaware of it and we feel that the only government primary schools of the Gujarat government have Gujarati medium but the parents are not like that.  The Government of India runs courses in Gujarati and English in both mediums. All of you friends may have seen the latest videos. Not only Gujarati medium videos can be seen in them but from now on you will soon see English medium videos as well.  You can see the letter here. You can see all the parents. Just don't write too much but just say that your child should be given admission only in government primary school as the teachers coming to government primary school are very highly qualified and pass on merit basis.  Have passed all the high level exams like Tate,

so stay away from private school appearances.  We kindly request you to use it for a good study. If you have any questions about this, you can WhatsApp us or mail us. You can also comment. thanks to read this article for our new education blog must visit daily updates to all new updates

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