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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Honda’s oops moment, told employees – give back the bonus money

Honda’s oops moment, told workers – give back the perk plutocrat 

New Delhi Can you imagine the morale of the workers who were given a little redundant plutocrat by the company in the form of lagniappes and after a many weeks the company would ask for that plutocrat back. Well, one need not imagine as such an incident has happed in Ohio, USA, which involves a transnational bus mammoth. 


According to the information, Japanese automaker Honda paid further perk to its workers at its Marysville, Ohio factory.,900 workers presently work at the factory and it isn't clear how numerous of them have entered the fresh perk. 


“ before this month Honda handed perk payments to its mates, some of whom entered advanced payments, ” Honda spokesperson Chris Abbruzze said. 

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 They said it was a sensitive matter and they were moving fleetly to resolve the issue, adding, “ The issues related to compensation are a sensitive matter we are working on it expeditiously to minimize any possible impact on our abettors . are doing. ” 

 In a memorandum addressed by the company to the workers, the company is now asking them to reimburse the perk by September 22, or it'll be subtracted from unborn hires or unborn lagniappes. 


 According to media reports, some workers have been asked to reimburse up to eight per cent of their lagniappes, despite having formerly spent plutocrat on mortgages and groceries. 

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