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Friday 16 September 2022

આવકનો દાખલો પ્રમાણપત્ર મેળવવાનિ પુરી પ્રક્રિયા

આવકનો દાખલો/ પ્રમાણપત્ર મેળવવાનિ પુરી પ્રક્રિયા

First of all, know the evidence required for the instance of income.

1) Aadhaar card of the applicant

2) ration card of the applicant

3) Petitioner’s Letter of Intent/Worababble

4) Aadhaar card of 2 adult parents from around the applicant's residence (to be registered).

5) 3 Rs. of Cotduffy Ticket

6) 50 Rs. Nowstomp

7) Affidavits received from Moyer/Samsad/MLA (anyone) pass.

All proofs of identity shall be verified and signed by a notary at every Rocumont. and original evidence keep together

Process of importation of materials for instance-

 • Go to Crajjtal Gujarat Portal and make an appointment online. (See the applicable law in your state.)

 • Receipt of appointment as proof of the office and civil facility of the office holder in relation to the property.

Obtaining the form (values) of sample materials from the center.

 • 3 Rs. 1. Insert the blank space on the front page of the cutoff ticket form. All these others

Dosing Rocumont's Zorox Tablets

• After completing the process of foamed, go to the office of the official or the civic amenities center related to the maintenance of the property.

Go to the Talati Cum Muntrishri Paso of your area and get all the documents verified, reply and sign the same.

to do (If Talatishree feels the need, you can call the witnesses face to face for subpoena)

• Go to the places to take photos for the sample of the visitors after taking Basakka under Talatishri.

• Places to take photographs of the sample of the applicant and obtain a photo taking receipt at random by paying a nominal fee.

• If the receipt shows the date of receipt of the receipt, enter the dates of receipt of your receipt.

Special Note- According to the resolution of the Gujarat Government, the time limit of the income statement has been reduced to 3 words (financial word). are you Hence, save the appropriate ways.

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