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Thursday 18 August 2022

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Curd Daily

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Curd Daily 

Curd – It's also known as yogurt or “ Dahi ” and is veritably popular for preparing a lassi each over the country. The use of ” dahi ” is in ancient times in the Indian key. During lunch or regale, curd is generally used by changing into yogurt( raita) with a palpitation, onion, and grated cucumber. Dahi is also consumed as a sweet dish with sugar after a mess. 

Lassi is veritably popular traditional cold drink during summer season in our country. There are different kinds of lassi which are available in maturity places of the country. 

Health benefits of curd – There are several health benefits of curd which are bandied below 


1. Curd contains protein with magnesium and potassium and is salutary in reducing blood pressure which is good for heart. 

2. Curd helps in good impunity system of the body which can cover from several conditions. 


3. The protein and vitamin B5 are set up in the yogurt which removes the dandruff and becomes healthy hair. 

4. Curd is salutary for healthy skin. It's used as a face packs, contains lactic acid used as an exfoliator which removes dead cell and mars. 


5. Curd contains a calcium and phosphorus which helps in making strong bones and teeth. diurnal eating of curd is used in help conditions similar as arthritis and osteoporosis. 

6. As per exploration, curd has probiotics parcels and dropped the exertion of the brain for emotion similar as stress which is dangerous for an existent. 


7. Curd has bacteria known as “ Lactobacillus acidophilus ” which is salutary for good digestion. 

8. Curd also helps in lower the threat of rotundity which is responsible for several conditions as per exploration. 


9. Curd is helpful in lowering the cholesterol which is salutary for healthy heart as per exploration.

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