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Wednesday 16 March 2022



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Scan and Organise Documents

Cove, powered by 256-bit encryption, is a secure digital locker for all your important documents. It's hassle-free storage whenever you need it, wherever you may be. Just upload or scan a document and let Cove do all the heavy lifting.
શાળાઓની યાદી જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

TL;DR Cove Storage - Keep all your documents secure and organised in one place.
Cove Wallet - Easily scan, upload and organise your Loyalty Cards/IDs/Certificates into color-coded pockets. Digitise all your cards in seconds.
Cove Authenticator - Get seamless multifactor authentication with Cove 2FA.
Cove Drop - Instantly share files, documents, text, and OTPs from your Cove App to your Browser in seconds.
Cove Chat - A simple, secure, and private instant messenger. Easily communicate and share documents with your friends and family.
All in all, Cove Identity is an ultra-secure privacy data vault that comes with a number of features to keep your digital identity secure and your online experience stress-free.

Let’s dive deeper into Cove’s privacy ecosystem, which is powered by 5 main proprietary features.

Cove Storage - Keep all your documents safe, in one place with Cove Storage. Our superior document scanner app does all the hard work for you and uploads your files in seconds. It allows you to share documents and revoke access when needed. You can also organise them with Smart Tags and use our document reader and editor app for on-the-go accessibility. We use AES 256-bit military-grade end-to-encryption to give you complete control over your digital documents. You can easily import your documents from various sources like Google Drive, WhatsApp, and Digilocker.

Cove Wallet - Cove also features a digital document wallet, which lets you easily store all your physical cards into one place. It helps you better organise them with colour-coded pockets and AI-based smart OCR tagging. You can easily share your cards with anyone in seconds and declutter your physical wallet. Uploading and scanning all the daily use documents such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Credit Card, Debit Card, Vaccination Certificate, Library Card, Loyalty Card, etc. is as smooth as it can get. Guard your digital identity with the No.1 ID card holder app on the market.

Cove Chat - We believe privacy is a right, not a luxury, and as a social being, communication is the most important part of our identity. So Cove comes with a secure and private messenger, which allows you to communicate with anyone without insecurity. We make sure that no one else on the internet can read your messages or take screenshots without your permission. Connect with the Cove QR code and chat without exposing your mobile number.

Cove Drop - Just scan and connect your Cove Identity app with the Cove Drop extension, which then becomes a bridge for all the data sharing. Easily drop photos, text, documents, and 2FA OTPs from the Cove App to the Cove Drop extension. Everything is protected with military-grade end-to-end encryption. It’s like an encrypted USB flash drive. Only better. You can copy anything in your clipboard and easily drop it to your browser.

Cove Authenticator - Use Cove’s 2FA to add an extra layer of security to your online digital experience. It's super easy and works by adding a second step to your login process, making it more difficult for hackers to access your sensitive information. Cove Authenticator supports both TOTP and counter-based one-time passwords. You can also use Cove Drop extension to autofill OTPs with just a single tap. It makes the whole process of authentication hassle-free.

These features make Cove one of the most privacy-centric document holder and document scanner apps in the market.
Upgrade your privacy and sign up to get 1GB worth of storage!
Scan and Organise Documents

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