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Sunday 2 January 2022



Rhynis alwulf Mguu (Floating polut sumber representation): The method of storing fractional numbers is called floating point number representation in the computer world.  The IEEE 32 bit tingle procurement method is usually used to represent real numbers.  

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest professional association.  It is dedicated to the immovation and excellence of advanced technology for the development of mankind.  The address of his site on the Internet (  When a given number is displayed according to the IEEE 32 method, it is divided into three parts as shown in Figure 4.1.  

Sign (s) Exponent (E) Fraction (F) 31 30 -23 22 1 8 23 Figure 4.13 IEEE 2 Bit The form of a fractional number by the method of single precision The following is the understanding of the part shown in the figure above: 8) The first bit to the left of the number (  The most significant bit) is the chit bit (sign bit) (g in the figure), which is 1 for the positive number and 1 for the negative number.  The 8 bit after the () sign bit is the digit number (E in the figure).  (The remaining 23 bits of e is a fraction (F in the figure). 

See the number given in Figure 416, in which the symbol bit is a positive number or three.  Is equal to 1, so in our example the sign bit is 1, so this number is negative,

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