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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Best Jobs In New Zealand 2021

Best Jobs In New Zealand 2021

The process of writing can bring great pleasure and fulfillment, but anyone who wants to succeed as a professional writer is likely to have challenges to face. Finding time and solitude to write can be difficult if you have a 'day job' and a family. Only a small minority of aspiring authors will achieve acceptance by a traditional publisher, and if you go for self-publishing through the internet you will have to do your own marketing. Experiences of rejection and criticism are common, and can be very hurtful. There may be a conflict between what you want to write, and what other people want to read; few authors make much money from their books. 'Writer's block' may develop at some stage.

I have experienced many of these problems myself, and also worked with a number of clients who are aspiring or established writers. Alongside mentoring and coaching techniques, I have found the Bach flower remedies can be very helpful. Here are a few examples.

Clematis: if you are a creative imaginative person who dreams of becoming a writer one day but has never got down to much serious work, this remedy can help you to focus attention on present-day practicalities.

Gentian: if you are feeling discouraged by events, perhaps after a series of publishers' rejections or a negative review, this remedy will help to restore hope and faith in a positive outcome.

Hornbeam: this is the remedy for the 'Monday morning feeling'. It promotes energy and enthusiasm for those who tend to procrastinate, or to be overcome by lethargy at the prospect of starting a new task.

Impatiens: this remedy curbs the tendency to rush into print prematurely. Even writers with exceptional talent require long dedicated effort to produce their best work. Impatiens can also help with irritation and frustration due to publishing delays.

Larch: if you tend to under-estimate your abilities and potential to succeed, and feel self-conscious about putting your work forward, this is the remedy to improve your confidence.

Walnut: to protect against outside influences which are distracting you from your chosen path. This remedy would be useful if you find it difficult to concentrate on writing because of what is happening around you, or if you allow other people's opinions to have too much influence on your style.

Wild Oat: this is the remedy for vocational purpose. It is for those who want to do worthwhile work but are not sure what direction to take - perhaps finding themselves at the crossroads of having to decide whether to risk a switch to full-time writing, or continue with their previous career.

This is not a complete list. There are 38 flowers in the Bach series, and up to six can be combined in the same course of treatment. Each person will require a different mixture to meet their unique needs.

How to identify pure and fake ghee

Put half a teaspoon of ghee or butter in a transparent bowl

Now add 2-3 drops of iodine tincture

If sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes or other starch are added to the ghee, it will turn blue.

Jennifer Barraclough is a graduate of Oxford University Medical School and practiced for many years as a medical doctor in England before moving to New Zealand and becoming a Bach flower therapist and life coach. She has authored or edited several previous books including 'An Outline of Modern Psychiatry' 'Cancer and 'Emotion' and 'Enhancing Cancer Care', and published a number of research papers. She lives in Auckland with her husband and cats.


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