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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Various electric flashes.

 Various electric flashes.


 Everybody has seen lightning and thunder in the sky in Cho Masa.  Electricity is a natural factor.  Sometimes disaster strikes.  It is well known how lightning strikes the sky.

 Many say that electricity means electricity. What is new in this?  But you know that scientists have also looked at the symptoms of lightning.  Scientists have been studying electricity for hundreds of years to discover something new and useful to mankind.

 The lightning that usually occurs in clouds is called streak lightning.  Such lightning stays in the sky.  The second type is cloud-to-ground.  This is dangerous electricity.

 Attracted by the earth's electric charge, it falls to the ground and burns to ashes.  Frequent flickering between clouds when there is a lot of wind is called ribbon lightning.

 The twinkle between two clouds is called Cloud to Cloud Lightning.  The spark sometimes does not appear but the thunder is heard.  Sometimes the edge of the clouds shines.

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 When a volcano is active except in the monsoon, it also generates electricity due to its charged particles.  This is called dry lightning.

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