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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Std 1 to 8 schools will open from July 1, find out where the decision was taken

Std 1 to 8 schools will open from July 1, find out where the decision was taken

Yogi government decides to open standard 1 to 8 schools in UP Schools will be able to call teachers and staff to schools Coro's curfew will be relaxed in UP from next week The UP government has issued an order saying that educational work will continue on an online basis at present. Currently schools will not be able to call students. But from July 1, children will be able to come to school. The government has given permission to open schools in the state following a sharp decline in corona cases. Schools, however, have been told to strictly follow Corona's rules.

The mall and restaurant will open next week The Yogi government has decided to relax the curfew imposed in the state. A meeting of Team-9 was held on Tuesday in this regard. 

Gujarat Ma Kyare the school Open!!!

At the meeting, CM Yogi had given permission for curfew of night corona from next week and permission to open malls and restaurants. Also allowed park, street food In addition, parks and street food have been allowed since June 21.

 The guideline issued by the UP government states that covid help desks should be set up at all such places.

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