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Sunday, 16 May 2021

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Happiness is coming Tourist teacher recruitment announcement How many teachers will be recruited soon ..?


Happiness is coming Tourist teacher recruitment announcement How many teachers will be recruited soon ..?



SSC Mass Promotion: Estimates to fill the vacancies of more than 6,000 new traveling teachers will be announced after the commencement of admission in Std. 11.  The number of students taking admission in Std. 11 has increased this time as the government has decided to give mass promotion in Std-10 to the regular students.  Apart from this, it will go up to 2.5, which will also create the first lakh private and repeaters of infrastructure in some schools in the state.  This is because the details of the demand for mass promotion come up from time to time in many schools in the state.  So doing the immediate infrastructure.  Couldn't make such a big pose for the first time.  Due to which the number of schools where the need arises will be run in two shifts of students in Std. 11 by the Department of Education.  It has been learned from the state education department officials to accommodate the students whose powers will be handed over to the education officer of the district.  The education department has received the details.  With the increase in government and grant-in-aid classes by the State School Commissioner's Office this year, there has been a huge need for more than 3,000 teachers in high schools.  There will be some relief in the case of Education Mass Promotion.  According to sources in the higher secondary department, 219 teachers have joined the government school at this time and appointment letters have been issued to 4.5 teachers in more than 3,000 tourist-aided schools every year.  Apart from the need to fill teachers, it is estimated that there will be 12 new teachers in government secondary schools.  Have attended.  Apart from this, document verification has been started in the grant-aided secondary school for as many as 2,600 education department officials who have also been informed that appointment forms will be issued in the second week of July of the mass promotion.  Due to this, there is a possibility that there will be a shortage of more than 15 thousand teachers in the state this year as compared to the students who passed Std. 10 last year.  This is because every year, as many as 4,000 traveling teachers are recruited, this time 2.5 lakh more regular students.  So this time the number would be more than double to fifty.  Last year, out of a total of 3,8,9 regular students of Std. 10, 2,40,85 students were declared pass.  Apart from this, 4,13,8 but this year alone, 1,418 students out of 2,8 repeaters have passed and private teachers have been recruited, and 1,031 out of 12,17 externally candidates have passed, so that now there are about 4,000 tourists.  Teachers are estimated to fill.  This picture will be clear only when 4,01,208 students out of a total of 10,9,8 students were declared pass while the standard was 9.11.  What has been given since then.  In addition to the total number of regular students who passed Std. 10 last year, there will be a need for some teachers in the district.  Apart from this, the total number of repeaters and private students this year is 4.5 lakh.  These students will also be given a mass promotion.  Being demanded.  The number of students will increase if they are given mass promotions that have been coming for the last several years.  If mass promotion is not given, there will be controversy over the recruitment process but repeaters and private students have to pass this year.  In some cases the court matter percentage is estimated to be higher.  Because, it is also caused by corona.  Even if an examination is held in addition to a 30 per cent cut in the tourist course, such a night-time system will still be adopted in the recruitment of that teacher.  There was no major controversy.

Happiness is coming Tourist teacher recruitment announcement How many teachers will be recruited soon ..?

Learn more about the symptoms of fungus in the news


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PDF ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

ગુજરાતીમાં અહિંથી વાંચો

It is not possible to uplift the nation without self-aggrandizement.  Republic gives us self uplift and paves the way for nation uplift.  Each of our actions should be in the interest of self as well as in the national interest.  Each of our actions should help to bind the nation in the thread of unity.

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