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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Regarding 100% district transfer of primarimy teachers.

Regarding 100% district transfer of primarimy teachers.
Corner Level Official; A Delegate of Political race Commission at the Grass-Root Level.

The matter of seniority is applicable to your department. In this case, in case of BLO, due to the delay in the implementation of the transfer order, the question of seniority should be resolved and the relevant survey should be informed.

It is pertinent to note here that as per the submission made before the Deputy Collector, Shri Palanpur, the implementation of the transfer order on the basis of verbal / written guarantee in any one case may raise questions from date to date, district-wide / state-wide. So there is a negative opinion about releasing them before 15/1/2020 on the basis of BLO's guarantee.

In each taluka, if the copy of BRC / CRC is canceled or the period is completed, he has been transferred out of the taluka. After compensating the internal increase and decrease of the taluka in the change camp of that year Provision has been made to bring back the vacancy, and if the teacher / educational assistant has been transferred out of the taluka due to lack of vacancy in his taluka in the transfer camp, he would also remain after the compensation as a taluka. Provision is made to fill in the blanks.

In order to avail the benefit of the provision of the above resolution, the deputation of the primary teacher / teaching assistant or BRC / CRC who has gone out of the taluka has been canceled or has been transferred out of the taluka at the end of the period. It is asked to send it along with supporting evidence by 24/11/2020. You will have to report this to your taluka school and get the details. This includes a copy of the reference resolution and a sample.

For upgraded investment of balloters in the appointive procedure and lessening the constituent acts of neglect, it is fundamental to improve the nature of discretionary enrollment process and of the discretionary rolls. Stall Level Official (BLO) is a nearby Government/Semi-Government official, acquainted with the neighborhood balloters and for the most part a voter in the equivalent surveying territory who helps with refreshing the move utilizing his nearby information. Truth be told, BLO is a delegate of Political race Commission of India (ECI) at the grass-root level who assumes an essential job during the time spent move amendment and gathering real field data as to the move comparing to the surveying region allocated to him.

70% of the vacancies in the committee in that year are filled by district transfer. Camps have not been able to change districts for the last two years. In many districts there is a large increase in the number of teachers and in some districts there is a decrease. At present there is no recruitment in Std. 1 to 8.

In these circumstances District / Town Pvt. If there are vacancies for teachers in the education committees, if all these vacancies are filled by the district, then the teachers who are away from home will get the benefit of home.

We demand to amend the resolution dated 6-2017 or to change the district 100% for the current year as a special case.

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