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Saturday, 15 October 2022

WhatsApp gets a setback from SC, CCI’s investigation on privacy policy will continue

WhatsApp gets a reversal from SC, CCI’s disquisition on sequestration policy will continue

Whatsapp sequestration policy WhatsApp and its parent company Meta( Facebook) have entered a reversal from the Supreme Court. The disquisition of CCI i.e. Competition Commission of India will continue regarding their new sequestration policy. Both had sought a stay on the end of the order by the CCI citing the pending hail in the Supreme Court regarding the validity of the policy. But the Supreme Court refused to pass such an order.


SC dismisses petitions

The Supreme Court, while dismissing the desires, said that the CCI itself is an independent body, if it's probing for the violation of the Competition Act, also this disquisition can not be stopped.

Eariler , the Delhi High Court, while rejecting the operations of WhatsApp and Facebook, refused to stay the CCI’s disquisition on the sequestration policy. Both had moved the Supreme Court against this order.


META’s lawyer argues

During the hail moment, Kapil Sibal appeared on behalf of META. Kapil Sibal said, ‘ The issue of validity of WhatsApp’s new sequestration policy is pending before the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court. The Constitution Bench is listed to hear in January. The Data Protection Bill is likely to be introduced in the downtime session of Parliament. In such a situation, the CCI should refrain from passing the final order for now.


No stay on CCI’s investigation

On this, Justice MR Shah said that the CCI is an independent institution in itself. Their action can not be stopped like this. Sibal made it clear that he wasn't seeking to stop the disquisition. Just want that the commission shouldn't pass the final order now. still, Justice MR Shah denied this and said that we don't know what will be the outgrowth of the CCI disquisition. You go to CCI, put your point in front of them. During the hail, ASG N Venkataraman on behalf of the CCI said that the pending hail in the Supreme Court has nothing to do with the disquisition of the CCI.


Scope of investigation by CCI

In fact, in the new sequestration policy of WhatsApp, druggies can partake data with Facebook and its other companies. CCI believes that similar data will give Facebook an unreasonable edge over other companies and keep it ahead of the competition. CCI is probing about this.


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