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Monday, 3 October 2022

Google postpones end of support for Chrome Manifest V2 to January 2024

Google postpones end of support for the Chrome Manifest V2 to January 2024 

Google has delayed the end of support for the Chrome Manifest V2 protocol by a year. However, now the end of support has been laid over to January 2024, If before it was been planned to end it in January 2023. 

In January 2023, test performances of Chrome 112( Canary, Dev, Beta branches) will take part in the trial Manifest V2 will be temporarily impaired there, and V3 will be made obligatory. After that, the Chrome Web Store will recommend extensions that support the new protocol. 


also, in June 2023, V2 support will be impaired in the stable interpretation of Chrome 115. After that, the app store will enjoin the publication of add- ons with the alternate interpretation of the overload, and preliminarily published add- ons will be transferred to the “ unrecorded ” order. And in January 2024, add- ons from Manifest V2 will be fully removed from the store, and the cybersurfer will lose the corresponding settings. 

Because of this, inventors will have to change how announcement blockers and other apps that use Manifest V2 work. It's for this reason that the new interpretation was blamed incontinently after the advertisement, as it limited the capability to block content on the webRequest API using uBlock Origin and Ghostery. 

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Note that Mozilla will also use the Manifest v3 interpretation in the Firefox cybersurfer, but without the blocking webRequest API. 

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