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Friday, 22 July 2022

Mega factory being set up in Okinawa Rajasthan, 1 million electric vehicles will be produced every year

Mega plant being set up in Okinawa Rajasthan, 1 million electric vehicles will be produced every time 

Okinawa Autotech Mega Factory In Rajasthan :- Okinawa Autotech, the leader in the electric two- wheeler member in India, has blazoned the launch of its ‘ Mega plant ’, which won't only do a lot in the electric vehicle member, but will also see an affluence of electric two- wheelers on the roads in the times to come. can be seen. Yes, Okinawa is erecting a complete ecosystem for electric vehicles in India. With the help of this mega plant, the unknown demand for electric two- wheelers in the country will be met and one million electric vehicles will be produced then every time. 

5000 people will get employment 

The mega plant of Okinawa, theNo. 1 electric two- wheeler brand by deals in India, will have state- of- the- art product installations, which is a significant step towards erecting an intertwined EV ecosystem in the country. This is the company’s third factory after setting up two huge manufactories in Rajasthan. This mega plant will be set up in an area of 30 acres and will give employment to further than five thousand people. It's anticipated that this will be the largest completely integrated factory in India till date. A huge investment of 500 crores will be made in this plant. This mega plant will be completely functional from October 2023. 

 automatic technology 

The factory, set up with the vision of Made in India and Made for India, will use automated technology to manufacture powertrains. Along with this, the process of manufacturing electric two- wheelers will also be made completely automated. The factory will also have an in- house automatic robotic battery manufacturing unit along with an in- house motor and regulator factory. Then the plastic body corridor of the vehicles will be robotically moldered into a fixed and fixed earth automatically. There will also be a state- of- the- art makeup shop, which will allow localization of the manufacturing process and this status will be maintained through this mega factory. This plant will be veritably important in view of the unknown demand for electric two- wheelers in the country. 


‘ There will also be a supplier demesne ’ 

The plant won't only meet the growing demand for EVs by ramping up product, but will also concentrate on invention and adding new features to revise the entire sector. Under this, the exploration and exploration capability of the company will be bettered. instigative about the new development, Jitender Sharma, Author and MD, Okinawa Autotech, said, “ As a request leader in the electric two- wheeler space, we're committed to working significant problems in the region. The exploration and development conditioning in this mega plant will be futuristically planned, which will insure that we meet the forthcoming demand in this sector while being at the van. The mega plant won't only concentrate on manufacturing vehicles, but will also have a supplier demesne for manufacturing motors, regulators, battery packs and other electrical corridor. 

The factory will help develop a completely integrated ecosystem for electric vehicles. 

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