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Saturday 23 July 2022

India will also do space travel, ISRO is working on space tourism.

India will also make space trip, ISRO working on space tourism 

Space tourism is an precious tourism. In April this time, when the American company Axiom Space made three businessmen travel to the International Space Station( ISS), it's said that a passenger was charged about Rs 420 crore. presently, companies like Axiom Space and SpaceX are trying to vend in this sector in collaboration with NASA. India is also in the process of developing indigenous capabilities towards space tourism. Giving this information on Thursday, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said that the Indian Space Research Organization( ISRO) is developing indigenous capabilities for space tourism by demonstrating the capability of mortal spaceflight in low earth route. 

of reports accordingIn response to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Jitendra Singh said that the National Space Promotion and Authorization Center( IN- SPACe) also sought to increase the active participation of the private sector in these conditioning, including the addition of space tourism. Responding to a question on space tactfulness, the minister said ISRO has taken forward transnational cooperation and relations with 61 countries in colorful fields of space conditioning. 

It's worth mentioning that ‘ In- Space ’ is a single window agency under the Department of Space to authorize and promote conditioning of the private sector in the space sector. Responding to another question, Jitendra Singh said that the Department of Space is in the process of formulating a comprehensive, intertwined space policy, which will guide the conditioning of the private space assiduity. 

Significantly, India is also working on its first manned space flight under Mission Gaganyaan. lately, it has been told by the government that by coming time India will shoot humans to space. In a press conference, Jitendra Singh had told that coming time one or two people of Indian origin will go to space. The country’s first mortal charge in space will have a huge variety of food. It's being prepared in a laboratory of Defense Research and Development Organization( DRDO) in Mysore. 

Two tests are set to be conducted by the end of this time. The first test will be just testing, in which an unmanned vehicle will be transferred, while in the alternate time a womanish robot( astronaut) will be transferred. Its name is Vyomitra. Looking at the results of the trial, the final decision will be taken on transferring Indian astronauts to space. 

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