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Tuesday 19 July 2022

Honda U-Go with 130 km range to be launched in India soon! payment filed

HondaU-Go with 130 km range to be found in India soon! payment filed 

Honda has been reportedly filed a patent for one of its electric scooters for the India. A media report suggests that Honda is each set to bring itsU-Go electric scooter to India. Although, at present, the company has not verified the launch of this scooter in India, but by registering the name of the scooter in India, it can be anticipated that Honda will launch itsU-Go electric scooter in the country. making plans. The company is formerly dealing this scooter in China. The binary battery pack is available in theU-Go electric scooter, due to which this scooter is able of giving a range of 130 km. 

CarToq’s accordingHonda has filed a patent for the nameU-Go in India, which is formerly vended in demitasse He's going. There are two models of this electric scooter in China, one of which is a standard and a decoration model. Its affordable model comes equipped with a1.2 kW mecca motor, which has a top speed of 43 kmph. At the same time, the1.8 kW capacity motor included in the top- model is able of taking it to a top speed of 53 kmph. 

The battery pack set up in this scooter can be removed, due to which it becomes easy to charge it at home. It has the option of binary battery pack, with the help of which the range can be increased. The pack set up in this is equipped with a Lithium- ion battery cell and its capacity is1.44 kW. With a single battery pack, the scooter can deliver a range of 75 km and with the help of an redundant battery pack, it can get an extended range of 130 km. 

The scooter gets a huge storehouse space of 26L. HondaU-GO gets an TV screen, through which the rider can see important information like speed, distance, charge of the scooter. Through this the mode can be changed. It gets an LED headlight, which also involve an LED DRL strip. Thee-scooter gets 12- inch front and 10- inch hinder amalgamation bus. 

still, also it'll contend directly with electric scooters like Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450 series, If this scooter comes to India. All these electric scooters come equipped with the strong power and tremendous range. Several of these are affordable too. In such a situation, it has to be seen that if Honda launches itsU-GO electric scooter in India, also at what price it'll be launched. 

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