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Thursday, 28 July 2022

Gujarat Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2022

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana 2022 Form Online Status Check 

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana was launched by the chief minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. The scheme was preliminarily called Gujarat Vidhav Sahay Yojana. This scheme was launched for the benefit of the people of Gujarat. Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana is launched in the gate of the National Social Assistance Programme( NSAP). Through this scheme, the women who have lost their misters due to any cause are encouraged and help make their confidence. Under this scheme, women are helped financially so they can look after their families singly. 

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana 2022 


All the information regarding the scheme will be covered in this composition. Read the composition till the end to have all the necessary details regarding the eligibility, benefits, objects, and online operation form of the scheme. further about the scheme – Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana is launched by the state government of Gujarat. 


Under this scheme, the state government plans to give fiscal backing to the women who have lost their misters. The scheme will profit around 3 lakhs widow women with fiscal backing. The women belonging to nonage communities will be advantaged through this scheme. The scheme is launched under the Women and Child Development program and aims to help women from 33 sections of Gujarat. 

Ganga Swaroop Yojana Gujarat Form 2022 


When the scheme was launched its budget was of1.64 lakhs but has now increased up toRs.3.70 lakhs. The quantum of the scheme has changed so that maximum people can take advantage of the scheme. Through this scheme, fiscal backing will be handed and independence will be promoted among the women. The pension quantum under the scheme has also increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 1250. The pension quantum is for the weal of the ladies and it'll be handed by the direct bank transfer mode. 

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana benefits – The major benefits of the scheme are as under- The scheme will help to hoist the widow women who have lost their misters. numerous widow women who have lost their misters are unfit to manage with the fiscal extremity of their home as in some house’s misters are the sole earner of the family. In similar cases, these women are unfit to support their families financially, in order to give fiscal support to these women, this scheme was launched. 

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Application Status 2022 


The scheme will also empower women who are earning for their families after the death of their misters. Under the scheme, the devisee quantum will be credited to the accounts of the heirs through direct bank transfer. 


objects of the scheme 

There are colorful benefits of the scheme. These benefits are as under- 


  • The main end of the scheme is to give fiscal backing to the women who have lost their misters. 
  • Independence will be promoted among the women and they will be empowered. 
  • Women rights will be encouraged and right to work will be encouraged among the women. 
  • The scheme is launched to cover the interest of the women and to give them job openings under the scheme. 
  • Highlights of the scheme 
  • The heirs of the scheme are the widow women. 
  • Under the scheme yearly allowance ofRs. 1250 will be handed to the heirs. 
  • The scheme was launched for the natives of the Gujarat and is valid for 33 sections of the state. 
  • The sanctioned website of the scheme 

Ganga Swaroop Yojana Apply online 

Ganga Swaroop yojana Eligibility criteria 


  • The aspirant of the scheme should be a occupant of Gujarat. 
  • The aspirant of the scheme should belong to the Below poverty line order. 
  • Under the scheme, the minimal age limit of the aspirant should be 18 times and a outside of 60 times. 
  • The aspirant of the scheme should be a widow woman. 
  • The aspirant of the scheme should belong to the Economic weaker section of the society. 
  • The periodic income of the seeker belonging to pastoral areas should be lower than 1 lakh rupees per annum and in civic areas income should be lower than 1 lakh 50 thousand per annum. 
  • Still, the widow women is marrying again also she can not mileage the benefits of the scheme, If the seeker of the scheme. 


Ganga Swaroop yojana Documents needed – 


Following are the documents needed to be submitted along with the operation form of the scheme- 

  • Domestic instrument of the seeker 
  • Periodic income instrument of the family 
  • Age evidence of the aspirant 
  • Educational instrument of the aspirant 
  • ID evidence of the aspirant 
  • Bank details including the passbook and other details 
  • Death instrument of the partner 
  • Affidavit form of the seeker 

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