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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Evolution of Instagram’s Business Features

The complete list of Instagram features for marketing experts 

With social platforms like Instagram rolling out updates and features nearly weekly, it’s essential to make changes to your social media marketing strategy regularly. 

Brands need to constantly keep up with new trends and evolving stoner preferences to stay applicable and on top of the competition. 

In this post, we ’ll dive into the rearmost Instagram features and how you can use them as a marketer to grow your business. 

Instagram business features 


Professional Dashboard 

Launched in November 2020, the professional dashboard lets generators and businesses track performance, and access tools and coffers each in one place. 

The dashboard is fluently accessible from the top of your profile runner. Brands can now also track analytics for the last 90 days using the timetable point, as well as view perceptivity for posts, stories, rolls and live vids. 

Live Rooms


Instagram lately allowed generators to host Live sessions with over to three fresh guests at a time( four people in total). 

For brands, Live Apartments open up openings to host talk shows with influencers, hold Q&A sessions and indeed host a webinar with a panel of experts. 


Interactive Bio 

Your Instagram memoir does n’t need to be plain textbook. You can get creative and add functional, interactive rudiments to season effects up. 


All kinds of accounts, from businesses to generators to individualities, can add clickable links, emojis, hashtags, Instagram account mentions and indeed a website to their memoirs. 

Gift Cards 


Brands can now get support from followers and grow deals by adding gift card stickers to their Instagram stories and biographies. Followers can also choose to reshare these gift cards on their own stories to spread the word. 

To use the Gift Card point, you need to have an Instagram business or creator account. You can either add a story sticker or a button on your profile. 


Food Orders 

analogous to gift cards, food brands can also take advantage of the Food Order point, which lets druggies order food from your business directly via Instagram. 


You can find this sticker in your list of story stickers and add it to your stories after setting up your food delivery mate. You can also add the Order Food button to your profile. 

Pinned Comments  

Instagram lets you jut select commentary so they stay on top of your post’s commentary section. You can only jut up to three commentary on each post. 

This is a veritably useful temperance tool for businesses as it lets them make positive feedback, discussion- starters and thoughtful perceptivity more visible than other commentary. 


 Photo & videotape sharing via desktop 

Instagram has eventually made it possible to upload print and videotape posts from the desktop interpretation of the platform. 

This Instagram point, still, isn't yet available to Stories and rolls, and the vids that can be uploaded need to be lower than one nanosecond long. 



The new Instagram Collabs point lets druggiesco-create content with other druggies. This means that a collab post or roll will show up on both druggies ’ biographies with the same number of likes and commentary. 


For brands, this offers plenitude of openings to tap into larger cult. It’s also a useful tool for aiding accessories and making important adverts. Still, for maximum impact, both generators need to insure the content is aligned with each profile’s brand voice. 

New branded content features 


To support brand- influencer collaborations, Instagram has introduced several new ingrained content features. These include the Brand Collabs Manager, a tool that enables brands and influencers to connect and make connections. 

Other Ingrained content features include paid hookups in rolls, as well as a separate Partnership messaging brochure, which helps generators sort through implicit cooperation openings from brands. 

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