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Sunday 3 April 2022

Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download 2021


Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download 2021

Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download 2021 refuses to leave our way and the only way to combat the raging pandemic is to get vaccinated against it. The vaccination against COVID-19 does not prevent people from getting infected with the virus.

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Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download 2021

Post NameCovid 19 Vaccine Certificate
Post Date10/08/2021

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in India that will help its users Download the Covid – 19 Vaccine Certificate. The Messaging app will make use of chatbot for the same, developed in collaboration with several health partners that will operate this, and same more of such helpline

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બજાજે લોન્ચ કર્યું ટેક્સી કમ રિક્ષા જેવું દેખાતું વાહન, માઈલેજ સાંભળી અચંભિત થઈ જશો

WHOએ Covaxinને કરી દીધી સસ્પેન્ડ

How to Download Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate

You might use the certificate to obtain free stuff in places like PVR theatres because it makes it so you can travel freely in most states and enjoy screenings in others. All of this, however, is contingent upon your ability to successfully provide your immunization certificate. There are numerous platforms and locations from which you can download your immunization certificate, but in today’s article, we’ll discuss how to do it via WhatsApp.

How to Download Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate

  • First Save this Number +919013151515 on your phone. (Direct Chat : Click Here)
  • Now go to WhatsApp chat and type “Download Certificate”. The Chatbot will answer after that.
  • The Chatbot will Send OTP.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Chatbot Send Vaccine Certificate PDF

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