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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Best Jobs In Brazil 2021

Best Jobs In Brazil 2021

Brazil is more than beaches and Carnival, but that would be enough reason to travel there. Brazil is the largest country in South America, taking up almost half of the continent, extending from north of the Equator to south of the Tropic of Capricorn. It's population of around 180 million is the largest in South America. It's 2 major cities, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero are among the largest in world. The nation's natural beauty is reflected in its variety of geographic locations, from Sugar Loaf Mountain in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to the magnificent Iguazu Falls in the south, to the Amazon basin in the North, there's something for almost every taste... snow skiers excepted.

Why Property in Brazil

* Prices for property in Brazil are up to 70% cheaper than similar European Resorts
* Brazil has a lower cost of living and offers a dream lifestyle for property owners
* Brazil has it all - sunshine, beaches, nature and a friendly vibrant culture
* The Brazilian government has placed a top priority on promoting tourism
* In recent research 96% of tourists visiting Brazil plan to return
* Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world with the 10th largest economy
* According to investment bank Goldman Sachs Brazil with be the world's 5th largest
* Brazil is the emerging property market with the greatest buzz
* Direct flights from London Gatwick and Manchester Airports

Brazil reported a gross domestic product growth rate of 4.3% in the first quarter of 2007, and its currency - the real - has appreciated 10% against the U.S. dollar so far this year.

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) reports that Brazil received 5.4 million tourists in 2005, which was nearly a third of all the tourists visiting South America as a whole during that year. This generated US$3.9 billion in foreign currency exchange from tourists. By 2006, tourist figures in Brazil had reached an impressive 6.3 million. The WTO predict strong performance for property travel and tourism demand in Brazil for 2007, growing at a rate of 7.2%. This forecast points to a rapid but steady phase of growth in both the short- and medium-term.

Brazil is far from sitting on its tourism laurels, however. The Government's National Tourism Plan has identified concrete economical objectives for the foreseeable future. These include the target of over 9 million tourists visiting the country annually, the target of generating US$8 billion in foreign currency, and increasing the number of domestic travelers to 65 million annually.

The fact that Brazilian properties are still available at low prices, combined with a pro-active brazilian Government that is taking a long term attitude to investment into infrastructure improvements and into tourism, will result in inherent rises in property prices, thereby creating a lucrative Brazil market. Additionally, the market is still in its infancy and indicators to its future are highly positive, all aspects that make it a prime emerging market.

Why Invest in Brazil Land?
By investing in land you are getting in at the ground floor with the potential for much high returns than developed properties. You will be investing at pre-construction prices which means as facilities such as roads, golf courses, beach clubs, restaurants are added they are all adding value to your investment. This type of investment is suited to the more sophisticted investor looking for high returns over a longer timeline.

Brazil offers prime undeveloped land in one of the very best locations in Brazil. When buying land identifying a prime location is one of the most important considerations.

Brazil Apartments

The Elegance Natal Golf Resort is located in Natal, the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. Natal is the safest city in Brazil and one if its most popular family holiday destinations. Enjoying a near perfect climate with an average temperature of 28 degrees centigrade and over 300 days of sunshine every year. As well as the world famous beaches, Natal itself has a lively nightlife with many restaurants, cafes and bars.

This spectacular resort is situated on over four miles of beautiful beach offering a great range of amenities including:

* 5 Golf Courses to PGA tournament standard
* Ocean Boardwalk
* Spa and health resorts
* Tennis Courts
* Horse Riding Facilities
* Heliport
* Ronaldo football academy
* Beach club
* 24 hour Security
* Shopping Malls
* Resort Hotel

Brazil Villas

Brazil is world famous for its beach living and easy going lifestyle. There is no better way to enjoy this than in your own luxury villa in Brazil.

Major tour operators such as Thomson are now are offering Brazil as a premier beach destination. Billions are being invested in hotel, luxury villa and resort development in the North East of Brazil. Of its three villas resorts in South America, Club Med has decided to site all of them in Brazil.

When compared to many tropical destinations, Brazil benefits from having no history of hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Foreign investment into real estate is actively encouraged in Brazil; foreigners can own 100% of land and property within the country, which is not always the case in emerging markets. This is viewed as a major contributory factor, alongside the favourable currency exchange rate for foreigner investment. This has enabled direct foreign investment into real estate in Brazil to soar. A staggering US$1.3 billion was invested by foreigners in 2006 alone.

Off Plan Property in Brazil

Many people are adding off plan property to their investment portfolios to benefit from the excellent returns which are occurring in many areas. Off-plan property is one of the most popular investment types due to the historic gains enjoyed by many people from all over the world.

Buying a property off plan in Brazil means you are buying before construction has begun. This may sound like a risk, however in recent years this means of property investment has become immensely popular as it offers a way for property investors to get ahead. By buying today you are securing your off plan investment property at today's prices. After the property has been completed it is highly likely to have risen in value. This means if you can only just afford to invest in Brazil at today's prices if you wait until completion you may very well have been priced out of the market.

Brazilian off plan property offers the chance to invest at around 30% off the retail price of the finished property. This means you can choose to realise an immediate gain once the property is completed. With developments with particularly high investor interest it can be possible to sell for a profit before construction has been completed.

Land in Brazil
# Land is available on a 80 hectares site (800,000 m2)
# Very low build density
# Limited supply at both regional and local level
# Local restrictions on planning and ecology to protect the area
# 300 metres of pure beachfront
# Plots ranging in size from approximately 500m2 to 1000m2
# Beach, waterfront and equestrian views
# 10 minutes walk from Belmonte
# Various exit options and timings
# Prices from under L17,000

Brazil Real Estate

The Brazilian real estate market is full of potential and offers an excellent opportunity to maximize profits on your property purchase, with very favorable exchange rates adding further value. Real estate in Brazil and particularly in north east Brazil around Natal, Fortaleza and Bahia, offers perhaps the most exciting investment opportunity anywhere in the world today. As is true of all emerging markets, the early bird catches the worm and early investors will see the greatest returns on investment. In an area of such obvious growth and potential, property purchasers are confident they will experience substantial financial gains as the demand for property in Brazil increases.

Located in the corner of South America, Natal is an extremely pleasant city, with a tropical climate, recognized as the city with the purest air of America.

With its dozens of white beaches, such as Ponta Negra and Morro do Careca Natal is a most popular beach location and now international real estate investment is really emerging as a major market with many luxury off-plan developments being built and at very affordable prices. Tourism is the most important industry of Natal, with real estate running in second place to this. Industry experts predict 400% capital growth for Brazil property in the Natal region over the next 10 years. The local government is investing billions into the local infrastructure to make this one of the worlds number one tourist destinations. They intend to attract 9 million tourists each year and more than 1 million local jobs. In a small area of coast there are more than 20 golf courses planned. The new Natal suspension bridge has opened up the stunning northern coast to property development. And the new Airport will be the largest in South America, the 5th largest in the world. The combination of sea, sand dunes, lagoons, a rich and varied gastronomy, an array of leisure and entertainment and a pleasant and hospitable people makes Natal irresistible.


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