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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Science Activity and Experiment for Std 6 to 8

 Science Activity and Experiment for Std 6 to 8

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The students can do all their study related to math from the comforts of their home this keeps them relaxed and helps them to concentrate better. Another added benefit is any student from any part of the globe can avail this service. Math is a subject which needs a lot of practice to master and it can be frustrating at times with equation, calculations, word problems, theories and much more

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. Let's take the example of a math word problem, It requires the student to read the problem carefully rather than just glancing through. This helps the student to understand what the word problem wants the student to do and how to solve it. 

A word problem needs to understood and the next step is to convert the words to numbers. A student can get all the help from a math tutor online he or she expects. 

The tutor gives a step by step elaborate explanation to any queries the student puts forward.

This interaction between the student and tutor is done through a tool called the white board also termed as a virtual classroom. This enables to make the interaction between the students and tutors more lively and interesting.

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