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Thursday, 8 July 2021

School Accreditation évaluation| school hand holding 2021

School Accreditation évaluation| school hand holding 2021

The role of the teacher as an effective facilitator is not only limited to imparting knowledge to the students in the school but also to develop their cognitive skills but also to inculcate personal and social qualities in the children so that they give their best Steps of personal and social qualities such as caring, empathy, cooperation in the classroom and school by teachers, students and other social partners can be helpful by creating a conducive environment that is a prerequisite for teaching.

This skill is not only limited to the student's interpersonal relationships with family members and friends but also helps in creating an effective learning environment to provide guidance in the development of personal and social qualities in students as well as expert friends, teachers and others interested.

And in the development of life skills In particular, the development of individual social qualities in the main educational objectives for the development of the social qualities of the individual will help them to understand the personal social thinking in them as well as in the students will be very useful in developing moral values ​​in children as well as their life skills to advise and guide students. It will be a guide for the development of necessary skills.

The school has an important place in the life of the student in varshik and social qualities for the safety and health well-being including the teacher in the school. Study classroom education during the school life during the interaction with the teacher principal and other students.

Experiences leave a deep impression on a student's life and affect his behavior at all stages of life. Feelings and sensations play a very important role in how a student learns and what he learns. Does and also helps in the study Rate related to our sense of insecurity Ridiculous insulting tip Doing things like this is a very difficult task for the students to study. Therefore, the student should feel safe and accepted in the school and in the classroom and create an appropriate environment.

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મુખ્ય શિક્ષકને કેળવણી નિરીક્ષકનો ચાર્જ આપવા બાબત

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સ્કૂલ એક્રેડિટેશન ડેટાને આધારે શાળાઓનું SI દ્વારા હેન્ડહોલ્ડિંગ કરવા બાબત

This is also reflected in the behavior that they help the students to know and take care of. The qualities of the student and their daily practice when interested in taking

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