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Thursday, 15 July 2021

In Britain, 50 per cent of vaccinated people are infected with the corona

 In Britain, 50 per cent of vaccinated people are infected with the corona


 - The fastest growing corona in Britain

 - The next seven days are crucial for Britain: a health expert

 London: Corona infection is spreading rapidly in Britain again.  The most surprising thing is that the corona infection is increasing rapidly even among the adults who have been vaccinated here.

 In this regard, a senior virus tracking specialist from King's College London, Britain, Prof.  Team Specter says the third wave of corona epidemics in Britain is at its peak.  Among the people affected by coronary heart disease, 4.5 per cent have been vaccinated.

 On July 6, 1908, the virus was confirmed in people who had been vaccinated.  It is clear from this that on July 6, 90 per cent of the cases of corona positive were among those who had been vaccinated.  Professor Specter predicts that this graph may still rise in the near future.  He warned that there was still a chance to stop the epidemic from getting worse, if it was not used then the situation would not get worse.

 According to Professor Tom Hall, director of public health at South Tyneside Council, people who have been vaccinated against corona in the third wave in Britain have also been found to be infected.  These cases are increasing rapidly.  The next seven days in Britain are very important in these circumstances.  People are appealed to follow the rules of corona so that the infection can be brought under control.  The slightest negligence in the rules can make the situation worse.

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 Symptomatic coronary heart disease transmission among British citizens vaccinated in Britain has dropped by 4.5 per cent.  On July 5, 40.5 cases of corona were found, while on July 6, the number dropped to 30.9.  Experts say that more than 3,000 patients may have to be hospitalized in the near future, which could be a problem for them.

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