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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Download Ideal Students Android App For Std. 1 To 10 Free Education

Download Ideal Students Android App For Std. 1 To 10 Free Education

To all the Gujarat Board students - 'Education at your Doorstep'

Knockdown the fear of lockdown in your school study.
Invest your time by joining Ideal Student Force and transforming social distancing into distance learning.
From April 1, 2020 enjoy learning from home till May 31, 2020 with no cost and gain confidence over your subjects of study before your school reopens.

Over 68% of the students are most excited by the external phenomena of people, events, and experiences rather than the internal world of ideas and concepts. Externally-oriented students learn most comfortably by devoting their energy and attention outwardly toward experiences, interactions, and talking. These students learn best by acting and discussing, then generalizing from the specific situation to broader conceptual or theoretical themes. While many courses contain some "active" activities, most courses do not emphasize them, thus skewing the learning experience away from active learners. Conversely, internally-oriented students learn best by directing their energy inwardly toward thinking, feeling, reflecting, and writing. These reflective students, comprising about 29% of the general and student population, learn best by doing what we typically call "studying" - that is, by mentally pondering and rehearsing specific material. These are the activities and skills emphasized in most courses.

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Over 60 million students, from around the world, learn on Khan Academy. The same resource that 60% of students at places like Harvard and Stanford have said had a meaningful impact on their lives. Khan Academy is supported by global visionaries who are also part of its advisory board, including Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt and Ratan Tata.

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