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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

New scheme daily 5000 increased this scheme

New scheme daily 5000 increased this scheme

The main use of garmala is softening. કૃ If there are worms in the stomach, it is used for garmala Who is relieved by taking jaggery with permanent constipation. Yes, sugarcane juice comes when they are jaundiced in hot water. Along with the warmth is consumed. • Garmala flower is cool, in addition to air, elephantiasis, heart disease, colic, enhancer and cough-bile alleviator.

Hemorrhoids are also used in leprosy (leprosy, rheumatism). Is a very useful medicine. As the heat is mild, the application of warm leaves on the swollen baby is considered beneficial for the elderly, the sick and the pregnant women. is coming . In the case of skin diseases, sometimes one does not feel the heat. Applying the leaf paste or bathing it in water by boiling it with hot grapes, black grapes and sugar gives relief.

That can also take roses. Garmalo Gol is obtained in Kalijiri. Garmalo is an innocent Ayurvedic hot curry and its paste is applied on the tumor or tumor which has been consumed in large quantities. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Merda Primary School, Ta. Kadi, Dist. Mehsana education means knowing, learning and practicing.

Fly me with a simple rope with utmost care and safety. Bring sweetness like sesame and ladu in your voice. As the day gets bigger and the night gets shorter with the mountain of Uttarayan, progress and ignorance are destroyed in your life. I conclude the letter with a prayer to the Lord that the line of self-confidence in your communal life becomes so long and strong that it remains unbreakable in the whirlwind of adversity that it may like to reach the goal of life. Remind me of your dear friends and take care of you. Yours sincerely, Kite '

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