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Monday, 1 February 2021

Gunotsav 2.0 Full Guide - School Inspector(SI) MONITORING DOC

Gunotsav 2.0 Full Guide - School Inspector(SI) MONITORING DOC

I am very happy to tell all the students studying in Std. 12 that the Government of Gujarat is bringing for you a method of studying for free at home called online education. We are all aware of what online education is and how to get it.  Now I want to show you in detail how to give your child great fun and attention through online education and how your children can get ahead with very good marks in board exams with this knowledge. Let me show you by writing an article below.

 Hello my parents, children, friends and all the friends who are reading the article, I hope you all will be fine. I hope you need to prepare for the board exam this year. Now is the time that you can't go to tuition, so the Gujarat government has brought it for you.  We know this video as formalin and from home or no video so that you can study at home easily. The only importance of the government behind this video is that it is the resolve of Gujarat government to impart knowledge to every child sitting at home for free through video.

 Here is the information on how you can watch this video. To broadcast this video, DD Girnar channel by Gujarat government as well as YouTube is very useful. The name of the youtube channel is Gujarati class and DD Girnar is a free channel.  This video has been aired daily. The timing of this daily broadcast is also given here. I will tell you in detail later on how you can watch standard videos at what time and at what time. Let us know how to watch videos from mobile and TV.  Let's talk about it

 To watch videos from mobile first you need to have an application in mobile which is called Diksha application and the second application is called youtube application. Speaking of application, this application has been developed by the Department of Education, Government of India. Through this application, children from all states of India can go online.  You can get education as well as watch important videos of Gujarat government through youtube. You can also subscribe to the name of youtube channel Gujarati Class Channel so that you can get notifications of all subjects very quickly in your mobile and upload like every video.  The same will be informed to you by notification. The peculiarity of this video is that this video has been made by all the expert teachers of Gujarat government.

Class teacher  1- Student Attendance Sheet  2- Schedule  2- Daily planning notebook Related:GUNOTSAV SPECIAL : SAMAVIST MUDA, OMR DEMO, OLD PAPER  3-Progress Measurement Register (Pragya dho-3/2)  3- Procurement Register (Pragya Standard 5/1)  1- School Readiness Book (Pragya Standard 5/1)  3- Unit Test Book / Paper (1 to 2)  1 - The Sentence Examination Paper  4- Seasonal Exam Result Sheet  S.- S.C.E.  Rolls of  2-Mirror Diary  4- Project Work File / Learning Material  3- Monthly course planning  1- Student book issue issue  1- School Magazine Test (. Pragya 1/3) Related:GUNOTSAV OFFICIAL OMR SHEET DOWNLOAD HERE  School Document (Principal to present)  1- School planning file / s.d.p  2- Prayer notebook / file  1- The Game / Fun file  ૪- Mathematical science demonstration file  2- Principal Logbook  4- NMMS / Scholarship / Picture Exam file  4- Cultural program / festival celebration file, report, photographs  2- Lost bases / Ram hats / other activities  3- Echo Club file  2- Baby / Life school file - ahevaal - Photographs 

 AMA APEL 6  1- School time sheet  1- Teacher's Book Issue Register (School Child Library)  1- Travel / Tourism / Interview File - Report - Photographs  1- School Disaster Management File - Fire Safety Bottle  3- Plantation / Land Conservation / Kitchen Garden

Important link

School inspector All District Visit School List 

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NEW SI Monitoring Form


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✔️Download paripatra

Teacher Selection exam List 

Teachers List Gunotsav 2.0 School Inspector(SI) acharsanhita. | 

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✔️Gunotsav 2.0 Full Guide Click Here To Download 

✔️School inspector Check list | 

✔️SI Doc For Monitoring


 This video is explained to you in very simple language and through this video you are also given a lot of activities so that the children's attention. How do we know that knowledge through activity was our only project of Gujarat government. Pragya we know and also knowledge through this activity.  In this way you will get it only through this video, let me tell you, first of all, it is very important for us to subscribe to the youtube channel in our mobile. Subscribe to the channel, then here you can easily watch all the standard 12 videos on this same post every day.  If you have read this post of our blog and you like it, you can definitely comment us. Please visit all five of this blog every day to see the educational information. Thank you very much

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