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Thursday, 4 February 2021



Why, Alya is late? Nato - don't wash? Don't write a lesson? Doesn't the hair burn ?? Despite asking many questions at once, he stood silently without speaking. "Why don't you speak?" Filling the mug in the mouth? Go call your father! Every child in the class was looking at me. The child looked at the despairing person with disgust and walked away.

A wave of silence swept through the classroom. No one came until evening. In the evening I went home with a baby. There was a shape in the bed. The child and the other two siblings were sitting in despair. I bowed with both hands. At first he was looking in front of me and then before I could say anything, the boy's father started saying, "Saab, pay attention to this boy of mine."

I was sick and her "mother" was two years ago ......... while speaking, her voice became sore. The beautiful atmosphere of the evening was overwhelming. I sat down beside the aisle. I had no idea where my anger had melted away. I slowly started walking towards my house. But the tragic reality shook my heart. As soon as the evening hair was finished, he fell into bed. But that student did not move from my mind. My good morning started with an unwavering determination to be as helpful as possible!

ગુજરાતી કક્કો બારાખડી એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

A.Shi. Sangodra Pvt. School Ta. Talala, Dist. Ju xtr Garh-2  Tev Z ... Prakash b. Dave is a seventh grade teacher sister. When the students are making noise, he says angrily, "Anyone who wants to talk should go home. When the whole class calmed down, one day the sister had to sit on the first standard. The little ones started making noises. gaso BESED Anyone who wants to talk should go home, "said Sister Tevash. One by one, all the students got up and started walking with their school bags. After a while, realized her mistake. ૪ Amreli 16.

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