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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Mind Puzzle WIth the Full Solution

Mind Puzzle WIth the Full Solution

Solve mind puzzle game, train your brain, and have fun! Thousands of puzzles to explore. Install to start now!

Classic puzzle game for beginners and forward-thinking players. at what time you require to relax or fulfill the brains functional – passage the time during a nice manner with puzzle sport nearby is a free puzzle game! grasp alittle stimulating gap or clear your head! use your beloved puzzle game with you what time you need to go. point of view puzzle game is obtainable offline. in performance the sport on mobile is just about as able like a accurate pencil and paper.

Mind Puzzle game has 20000+ unusual brand of puzzles and comes in six involvedness levels: easy, medium, hard, fast, practiced and giant one! be flippant at ease Puzzle game to training your brain, reasoning , and memory, or bash standard and remorselessly Puzzle game to present your intellect a exact workout.

Our free intellect Puzzle game maintain round about facial appearance that style the sport easier for you: like hints, auto-check, and highlight duplicates. come again? is new in our treatment each one classic mentality puzzle game has one solution. You will discover every single one you would like whether you're solving your formerly puzzle, or you've progressed to skilled struggle

. Choose any level you like!


Complete Daily Sudoku Challenges to urge unique trophies

You can participate in Events and also can win unique medals

Challenge yourself deciding your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to ascertain your mistakes as you go

activate Notes to form notes as on paper. Each time you fill during a cell, notes are automatically updated!

Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers during a row, column and block

Hints can guide you thru the points once you are stuck.

More features:

- Statistics. You can Track your progress for every difficult level: also analisis your best time and other achievements

- Unlimited Undos. Made a mistake? Just put it back quickly!

- Color themes. Choose one among three appearances to style your own sudoku kingdom! Play with more comfort, even in the dark!

- Auto-save. If you allow a game unfinished, it'll be saved. Continue playing anytime

- Highlight of a row, number, column, and box associated with the chosen cell

- Eraser. Get rid of the mistakes

Answer : 80

first row is 1+4=5×2 = 10

second row is 2+8=10×2= 20

third row is 4+16=20×2 =40

Forth row is 8+32=40×2=80


• More than 10000 classic well-formed sudoku puzzles

• 9x9 grid

• There is 6 like a dream balanced levels of intensely point. view Puzzle game is free app is appropriate for mutually brainpower beginners and forward-thinking evil care players! You tin amusement fast, straightforward and middle levels to problem your brain. take rigid leval to enhance your skills and trial out proficient or giant game for evil challenges.


• Support both phones and tablets

• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets

• Simple and intuitive design

each day pay attention Puzzle game is that the greatest gratitude to lead your day! 1 or 2 classic intelligence puzzles will assist you to awaken, comprise your common sense right bursting work, and assist you to be all set for a productive each day operational day. Download our mobile diligence and cooperate heed prerogative free puzzles offline.

If you're a superb beware puzzle solver at ease to our thinker vigor kingdom! at this point you'll throw away your free time observance your tend sharp. ordered game routine will assist you befall a dutiful beware puzzle master who momentarily deals regular with the primary recalcitrant snarl puzzles during a quick time.

Challenge your brain anywhere, anytime!

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